10 March 2013

Sew Crazy...

...Literally, this is driving me insane. I started slow and small. I have never used a computerized machine before, so I bought a plain remnant and practiced all the stitches on it with a contrasting thread to get used to it. Buuuuuut, I can't get the freaking tension right. It's a problem through all my crafting (cross stitch, crochet, knitting...) and I struggle with it daily. #CrafterProblems

I assumed it would be easier to use a newer computerized machine than my antique Singer I used to have, but it isn't true.

I moved on to tailoring a tank top left over from my maternity days, and that went beautifully. So, like the egotistical ass I am, I moved onto sewing a dress. With no pattern. D'oh! I messed it up. I think I may start something else with one of those Sew Easy dollar patterns at Wal-Mart just to get a feel for the machine and try to come back and fix the dress...

26 February 2013

Sewing Machine!

I am supposed to be getting a sewing machine on Saturday this week.  I typically post about crochet, because, as the title says, I AM crochet crazy.  But, I feel the next at least few posts will be dedicated to sewing. I have so many ideas and things that I want to try.  I'm the type that doesn't use patterns. Crochet, Knitting, Sewing, I don't even use recipes when I cook.  )What can I say? I'm an anarchist of some sort. I don't need your RULES!) I have never gotten really into sewing before, so this is a completely new adventure for me.  But I have never met a craft I didn't like, so I know I will eventually grow to love sewing almost as much as crochet.  I'M SEW EXCITED!

21 February 2013

It begins...

I decided to take on probably one of the hardest things I have ever attempted to crochet.  Mainly because, I taught myself to crochet, and I have never followed a pattern in which gauge actually matters. (http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/features/crafts/crochet/thestralcardigan This is the pattern I am following. ) My height is perfect, but my width is too short? I've researched on Google and Ravelry and many other places to try to find a solution, but my problem is opposite from most people who have an okay width but not height. If I change hook size, my height will be off...? I'm not sure what to do here. I think I may just go forward and see where it goes. Anyone have any advice?

I started once and pulled it all out when I realized that the gauge was off, so I did a few more gauge swatches. 

Here's hoping that it works out!

04 February 2013

Things get a little crazy...

I'm trying to juggle this blog with my 3fatchicks.com blog and ACTUALLY crocheting and losing weight, along with everything else that comes with being a mom and wife... Yikes! But, that brings me to a good point for this blog. How does everyone else find time to crochet? I have before, and probably will again start a project that should take a day, that will inevitably end up taking a month. That's because I will crochet for 5 minutes here and there, and never have actual time set aside for it. Anyone out there with advice on this should feel free to email me or comment, I would LOVE to hear it! :)

21 January 2013

Crafty New Year!

I finished my Christmas presents! A scarf, a belt, a wine bottle cozy, a coffee cup cozy! and that brings us to this post. MY FIRST PATTERN! 

Here is what I started with:

 Two skeins of Lily Sugar and Cream yarn, the mug you want to cover, a crochet hook, scissors, measuring tape, and a 1 1/2 inch button. (I crocheted mine, that's where that second skein comes in.)

Step one is to measure around your mug, from one side of the handle to the other (ALL the way around.) Mine came out 9 1/2 inches. Then, you make a chain that is that length. Mine was 35 chains. To keep this simple, you are just going to double crochet the first two row. Here is what mine looked like after the first row:

And the second row:

The third row gets a bit tricky. When you usually chain 3 to get your next row of double crochet, this time you will make a super long chain. To do this, I wrapped my unfinished piece around the mug and measured the space underneath the handle and figured out how long the hole needed to be to reach where the button will sit. It came out to about 2 1/2 inches, so I chained a 5 inch chain.  After the chain, instead of crocheting into the second stitch, I crocheted into the first. It looks something like this: (I'm making these big so you can really see them.)

After that it is really simple, you just continue double crocheting until you have 5 total rows. Attach the button at the point that you measured.  

You can totally customize this also, I added 2 rows of sc to the bottom to make it more sleeve-like. You can add a border, change colors in the rows, use a different stitch, buy a pre-made button... the possibilities are endless. If you do use my pattern, I'd like some feedback. Let me know what you changed, how you liked it, etc...

Happy Crafting!

31 December 2012

Holiday Craziness

I got a new job! Unfortunately, with the way my schedule is working out there is literally no time to knit or crochet, so my dad and brother in law didn't get their Christmas gifts yet, because I haven't finished them.  I am soo slow at knitting that I fear I may NEVER finish his gift!

07 December 2012

Nifty Little Crochet Stitch

Once upon a time, I learned a nifty little way to stitch half double crochet stitches to create a cool ribbing effect, but I could never make it look right.  BUT for some reason I was just playing around today, and it just worked!

Here's how to do it...

After doing your foundation chain (for practice purposes, let's say 7)
Start with the second stitch from the hook.  Yarn over.  Go through both sides of the "V" and pull up a loop. Yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on your hook. (Typical HDC) finish out that row (for practice purposes, let's say 5 stitches.) 
It's the next row that is different.
Chain 2 (as usual) Yarn Over (As usual) Then, Instead of putting your hook through both sides of the "V" you only put it through that little extra loop that you get with the HDC stitch. Continue the rest of your work as stated.  It's a pretty cool ribbing effect! 

I hope it works out for anyone that tries it!